Geotechnical Drilling, Testing & Reports

Geotechnical Drilling, Testing & Reports

Geotechnical investigation is a crucial part of any tower site development project, and AE offers comprehensive services in this area. Our team of experts conducts geotechnical investigations for new tower sites to determine the soil and rock conditions, as well as provide foundation recommendations based on the results.

Additionally, AE also offers tower foundation mapping and geotechnical investigation services for existing tower sites to assess the foundation's condition and recommend improvements if needed. Our geotechnical investigations provide our clients with valuable insights into the subsurface conditions of their sites, allowing them to make informed decisions about their project's foundation design and construction.

In addition to traditional methods of foundation improvement, AE also offers ESP injection services to improve the bearing capacity of soil for tower foundations. Our ESP injection method involves injecting a high-strength, expanding polyurethane foam into the soil, which creates a stable, load-bearing layer. This method has proven to be effective in improving the bearing capacity of soil, and has helped reduce significant costs and time required for foundation improvements.

By utilizing the latest techniques and technologies, AE is able to provide innovative solutions to our clients' geotechnical challenges, ultimately helping them achieve their project goals.

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