A&E & Surveying Project Experience

A&E & Surveying Project Experience

AE provides site selection, boundary, and topo surveying for new site development and technology upgrades. We generate topographic surveys, civil site plans, and access designs, and are experts in zoning and stealth requirements.

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Tilman/ Skyward

AE was in charge of over 100+ sites in Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. We are currently working on over 40+ sites.


AE surveyed 50+ sites in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Iowa.


AE designed over 100+ new site builds and over 200+ mod sites in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and South Dakota.


AE worked on more than 200 mod/upgrade sites, 60+ generator sites, 20+ fiber installation sites, and performed structural analysis on more than 150 sites.


AE worked on more than 300 mod/upgrade sites, 20+ generator sites, 20+ fiber installation sites, and performed structural analysis on more than 100 sites.


AE provided topography surveying services for the joint commons facility and a 2-mile utility profile survey at the Fort Hood Army Base in Killeen, Texas.


Iowa Department of Transportation: Construction staking for highway improvements, including slope staking on both sides of the road, staking of several driveways and culvert pipes for drainage, and staking of several erosion control items.

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City of Omaha Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge, Omaha, NE

AE partnered with HNTB for a project in the City of Omaha which required our survey department to complete a bridge deck survey. The goal was to determine if the bridge had settled since the completion of the project a few years ago. As part of the survey, the engineers set brass caps approximately every 50 to 100 feet on top of the deck of the bridge. AE was tasked with determining the location of the caps based on Nebraska State Plane Coordinates and determining their elevations based on NAVD '88 datum. Additionally, our field crews were required to determine the location and elevations of the top of the two pylon structures.

Elkhorn Valley Middle School, Elkhorn, NE

AE was awarded the construction staking project for a new school site in the Elkhorn School District. The new school building was approximately 112,000 square feet in size and the project involved staking the new building, several thousand feet of sewer lines, two large parking lots, several hundred feet of sidewalks, and multiple sports fields including softball fields, a soccer field, and a football field with an asphalt running track, shot put areas, long jump runs, and two large retention basins. Our team worked on this project for about 2 years.

Plattsmouth Main Street CSO & Streetscape Project

The project involved staking new sewers, gas lines, water lines, curb lines, parking areas, and electric lights, as well as constructing a new city employee parking lot. The project lasted for more than 18 months. Our firm was also responsible for completing topographic surveys of several areas not included in the original scope. We conducted an as-built survey and prepared an AutoCAD drawing for submittal at the end of the project.

City of Omaha CSO Projects

This award consisted of two ongoing projects for the City of Omaha through Wade-Trim for the Clean Solutions for Omaha (CSO) combined sewer separation project. The first project included topographic work on seven parcels of land totaling over 80 acres south of the 66th and West Center Road area. The second project involved locating old lot corner pins, setting new lot corners, and completing ALTA surveys for seven separate parcels. Additionally, a hydrogeology-topographic survey of the main Papillion Creek for a distance of over 7,000 feet was required. The other CSO project still in progress involves construction staking for new sewer lines in the Railroad Ave area, along Y Street, and then along South 13th Street north to the City's sewer maintenance area.

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