Telecommunications Project Experience

Telecommunications Project Experience

Our team provides A&E services for the telecom industry, including Site Acquisition, Survey, Construction Drawings, Zoning Drawings, Structural Analysis, Geotechnical services, NEPA, SHPO, and Environmental Services.

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Our team has extensive experience working on T-Mobile sites, collaborating with subcontractors to provide A&E services with a focus on structural work in the Minnesota and Chicago markets. Over the years, we have worked on more than 1,000 sites and have established a reputation for providing our services seamlessly through close teamwork.


Our team has been providing A&E Services to Verizon throughout the Midwest region since 2009. Prior to Verizon's buyout of Alltel, we worked with Alltel since 2000, performing A&E, Survey, and Geotech services and working on over 3,500 sites. We have also conducted site audits that include survey, construction drawings, structural reports, Geotech reports, and permitting, which includes building permits, Telco work, amendments, zoning, and more.


We have been working with AT&T since 2002, completing over 400 surveys and CD's for sites located in Omaha, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and the Pacific Northwest market. Additionally, we have completed 300+ sites, which include A&E and Survey work, through collaborations with Tillman, MASTEC, BV, Velocital, Creospan, and Goodman Networks. Our team has also completed boundary and as-built surveys for 60+ sites in Chicago within a two-month timeframe. Moreover, we have performed over 200 site and tower audits in NE, IN & MI. Over the past six years, we have worked on over 480 sites, providing A&E, Survey, Permitting, CD's, Structural's, and more.

US Cellular

US Cellular has been a client since 2002, and we have been providing A&E, Survey, and Geotech services for over 200 sites in NE, IA, KS, and OK. Our scope of work includes surveying, construction drawings, photo sims, geotech reports, structural reports, environmental studies (NEPA/SHPO), site acquisition (including all phases), and permitting (building permit, telco work, amendments, and zoning requirements) based on each site's unique needs.

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