AE offers comprehensive Telecommunications services to their clients, including site acquisition, identification, and leasing services, as well as zoning and permitting services. The company also provides file audits and site audits, A&E services, lease exhibits, zoning drawings, construction drawings, photo sims, and surveying services, including 1A, landscape design, grading design, preliminary survey, and final survey. Additionally, AE offers geotechnical services, such as geotechnical drilling and report preparation, and Tower Structural Analysis and Modification services for various types of towers, including Monopole, Self-Support, Guyed, Water Tower, Rooftop, Stealth, Tower, and Shelter Foundation.

AE's Telecommunications services are designed to provide complete and efficient solutions for their clients. The company's site acquisition and identification services assist clients in finding and securing the right location for their telecommunication project. AE's leasing services help clients in negotiating favorable lease terms for their telecommunications project. The company's zoning and permitting services help clients navigate the complex regulatory environment for telecommunication projects.

AE's A&E services include the preparation of lease exhibits, zoning drawings, and construction drawings, along with photo sims, which provide a visual representation of the project. The company's surveying services provide accurate data for site design and construction, and their geotechnical services help clients in understanding the site's subsurface conditions.

Finally, AE's Tower Structural Analysis and Modification services assist clients in ensuring that their towers are safe, reliable, and compliant with all relevant regulations. The company's services include the analysis of various types of towers and the modification of their structures and foundations. Overall, AE's Telecommunications services provide clients with a complete range of services necessary for successful telecommunication projects.

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